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How candles can help in dealing with anxiety

Burning scented candled lets off an aroma that stimulates the area of the brain connected to the mind and memory of a person. Therefore, choosing a candle scent is important, as it must be a scent one finds relaxing. This enhances your experience with candlelight and can assist in relieving stress.

Candles trigger vivid emotional memories which can instantly lift someone’s mood when they are feeling down. A candle that reminds you of a happy time in your life can therefore uplift your spirit when having a bad day. Scented candles therefore can deliver positive psychological effects.

Ones sense of smell is incredibly powerful and refined, so each individual will have a preference when it comes to scents. There is a strong floral scent from jasmine scent which can calm the nervous system and helping the body relax.

With lockdown heightening the anxiety of many people, here are some other suggestions to help deal with anxiety:

- Go on a daily walk to get some fresh air

- Limit the amount of alcohol and caffeine consumed as it can aggravate anxiety

- Ensure that you get enough sleep

- Maintain your health by trying to eat well balanced meals

- Download relaxation apps

- Try talking to someone about your feelings such as a friend, family member or health care professional.

- For more advice check the NHS website where it says how you can contact Samaritans, Call: 116 123, or email

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